Released Brine Matrimony Script v3.0

Dear Customers,

Thank you to be a part of our product Brine Matrimony Script. This December 12th 2020 we released a major update on our script. And we will only provide the support for our existing script v2.0 till 31st March 2020.

At the same, we improvised the following upgrades in our new version 3.0.

  1. Php Version upgraded from 5.6 into PHP 7.2
  2. Plugin/Addon System Introduced.
  3. Free Plugins developed and Listed in our official Marketplace
  4. Paid Plugins also developed and some new plugin developments are in the queue.
  5. Theme development was initiated in this version. Hereafter a wide range of themes will be published in our marketplace.
  6. Performance and Query improvements.
  7. Removed 20 unused fields in Members List based on the previous customer reviews.
  8. Removed the Mobile Version because of the performance issues. Planned to release as a theme in further updates.


Brine Matrimony Script